2017: Christine Meinders, MDP Post-Graduate Fellow

Artificial Protests: Occupying Multiple Realities by Christine Meinders, MDP Post-Graduate Fellow Posthuman Feminist AI Art Projects explores artificial intelligence in social activism and its potential to allow people to engage in mixed-presence protests. Our group utilizes an intelligent design tool in XR (Cross-Reality), as a creative…

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2016: Selwa Sweidan, MDP Post-Graduate Fellow

Quantum Wandering Search by Selwa Sweidan, MDP Post-Graduate Fellow Selwa Sweidan is a designer and researcher who conducts movement and systems-based investigations. She prototypes emerging technologies, ranging from the designing of our senses in immersive technologies to speculative quantum computing systems.

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2015: Ji Won Jun, Art Center Fellow

Body, Materials, and Electronics is a series of small-scale projects to explore a playful relationship between human body and an object/device. Through a combination of lifecasting, digital fabrication, and prototyping, the projects investigate a creation of sculptural objects that would interact with a human body….

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2015: Jenny Rodenhouse, MDP Post-Graduate Fellow

Along the southern border of California’s San Gabriel Mountains, amongst the suburbs, are a series of test sites that experiment in increasing precipitation for the region. The Tornado is Staying but the Lightning Will Need to be Replaced: The Weather Modification Neighborhoods of Los Angeles…

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2014: Ian Besler, MDP Post-Graduate Fellow

The work explores issues around fabrication, technology, and digital production, and how they impact domestic and cultural identities. The project identifies the software program SketchUp and the online platform 3D Warehouse as emerging sites to explore and unpack how individuals engage and participate in the…

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2014: Tina L. Zeng, MDP Post-Graduate Fellow

The weDub Project is a locally developed DIY audio mixer and preamplifier that fits in the palm of your hand.Created in an urban slum of Uganda, the circuit is made by youths to perform live improvisations of reinterpreted media to a participatory audience. The project was developed independently…

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2013: Jeremy Eichenbaum, MDP Post-Graduate Fellow

  Hello Prompters is a playful investigation into scripted communication and mediated interaction that reconfigures the relationships among subject, author, and audience.     Jeremy Eichenbaum is a storyteller, using video and film to create sharable moments that reveal emotion, and bring to view ideas…

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2013: Tanner Teale, Art Center Fellow

1-2-3-4 is a series of mobile screen captures taken at 12:34 am or pm. The project stops short of the contextual value of the numbers, seeing only the decontextualized components. It exposes the poetic arrangement that forms the longest string of sequential numbers in our…

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2012: Brooklyn Brown, MDP Post-Graduate Fellow

Primitives The world is, more than ever, mediated by machines and interactive systems with advanced capabilities such as facial recognition and detecting our presence.  As this quantified, heavily analyzed, and machine-mediated version of the world is becoming the “new normal”, machine reading, interpretation, and feedback…

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2012: Bora Shin, Art Center Fellow

Be My Satellite In the eye of the satellite, you’re not even a pixel. Be My Satellite is an incubator for design research centered around the invisible phenomenon of satellite photography. Positioned at the intersection of design and science, the project uses empirical, synthetic, and…

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2011: Daniel Lara, MDP Post-Graduate Fellow

Chair 2.0 / Sitting 1.9 This design research project is about sitting culture at the dawn of a fully interconnected world. The project aims to define new possibilities other than the generic desk-and-chair model. The research has two anchors, ACTIVE SITTING (in which the brain…

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2010: Hyun Ju Yang, MDP Post-Graduate Fellow

Participatory Universe This post-thesis fellowship project is inspired by Robert Lanza’s scientific theory Biocentrism and Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay, “Experience”. Biocentrism asserts that the conscious awareness of animate beings is central to reality and the cosmos — life creates the environment, and the universe. Lanza…

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