2014: Ian Besler, MDP Post-Graduate Fellow


The work explores issues around fabrication, technology, and digital production, and how they impact domestic and cultural identities. The project identifies the software program SketchUp and the online platform 3D Warehouse as emerging sites to explore and unpack how individuals engage and participate in the formal organization of the built environments around them, whether on the scale of handheld objects, furniture and domestic interior spaces, or entire buildings, neighborhoods, and cities.

Ian Besler is an award-winning designer, researcher, and writer whose work explores the relationships between bureaucratic systems, infrastructures, markets, media, and the built environment. His practice is especially interested in the role of consumer-oriented technology as a means to blur the distinction and complicate the relationship between professional or commercial processes and the role of the amateur, bystander, hobbyist, or spectator, especially as it pertains to the production, dissemination, and consumption of media imagery and models. He is based in Los Angeles. ianbesler.com

Funded by the Milken Family Foundation.