2015: Jenny Rodenhouse, MDP Post-Graduate Fellow


Along the southern border of California’s San Gabriel Mountains, amongst the suburbs, are a series of test sites that experiment in increasing precipitation for the region. The Tornado is Staying but the Lightning Will Need to be Replaced: The Weather Modification Neighborhoods of Los Angeles County utilizes these existing weather modification test sites along with weather simulation software to investigate artificial natures. The project imagines a collection of weather modification neighborhoods and home atmospheric control systems – landscapes, lawn ornaments, and fence lines. Shifting experimental technologies from scientific test sites to domestic spaces, the project explores new neighborhood narratives as individual households gain the ability to join, adjust, or take over the community atmosphere.

Jenny Rodenhouse is an multimedia designer and artist. Working within the field of interaction design, her research examines the merging of the interface and the landscape. Her projects explore the experiences, environments, and communities that may develop from the merging of these large scale systems [virtual and physical, artificial and natural, local and global]. Appropriating the test site as a design medium, she creates sites of experimentation that act as ways to prototype alternate realities. Through her conceptual and applied creative practice, she collaborates with companies, startups, computer scientists, designers, architects, and artists. http://jennyrodenhouse.com/