2011: Daniel Lara, MDP Post-Graduate Fellow

Chair 2.0 / Sitting 1.9

This design research project is about sitting culture at the dawn of a fully interconnected world. The project aims to define new possibilities other than the generic desk-and-chair model. The research has two anchors, ACTIVE SITTING (in which the brain is the whole body) and PASSIVE SITTING (in which the brain is encased in the skull). The tension between these two positions creates a space to consider the paradox of a world saturated with media that demands mind-hyperactivity and a chair to sit down.

Daniel recently presented Body 2.0, and Sitting 1.9 at Xinchejian a Hackerspace in Shanghai.

Daniel Lara is a multimedia artist and designer that investigates the idiosyncrasies and absurdities of human nature through making objects, videos and interactions.

Funded by the Milken Family Foundation.