Justeen Lee

Body in Motion proposes a motion interface that engages full-body movements inspired by badminton and hip-hop dance. These expressive and joyful movements create kinesthetic and sensual experiences opposite to hand-driven universal design for immersive future. The fully embodied interface inspires bodily motion, physical pleasure, and a more physically active and emotionally positive lifestyle.

Justeen Lee is an interaction prototyping designer who explores and defines new human-technology interactions and experiences between devices, interfaces, and systems. Then he prototypes them beyond pictures with animations, sensors, and code.

With experience designing in Silicon Valley, he believes design should instill surprise and delight in the process of creation, and lead to products that crack smiles when people are using them. To do that, he carefully, rigorously, and harmoniously choreographs together people’s intentions, motion studies, sensor I/O’s, lines of code, and means that can bring a simple thought to life, to eventually let people touch it, feel it, and immerse themselves in something natural, joyful, and heartwarming.