Future Context

Another year in Kampala!

Students applying for acceptance in Fall 2014 should anticipate the likelihood that our team will continue to work out of UNICEF’s Tech4Dev Innovation Lab in Kampala, Uganda, for academic year 2014-15. It continues to be an exciting context in which we have made many friends and built rich local partnerships with community organizations and NGOs. Additionally we have the good…

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Current Context

2012-14 UNICEF’s Innovation Lab in Kampala, Uganda

During the academic years of 2012-13 and 2013-2014 our faculty and graduate students will be conducting fieldwork in Uganda. Our group will study how systems of information, community, justice, global development, politics, and media influence, help, hurt, and are produced by youth. Not only will we document our findings across multiple media, we will also create, deploy, and evaluate the…

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