2013-14 4_Wearable Ecologies

Wearable Ecologies assumes a near future in which people can choose from a wide range of devices to wear as they go about their everyday lives. These wearables will have diverse affordances, contain various kinds of data, and elicit specific meanings. Each wearable will have its own unique expressive and sensing capabilities, and can talk and exchange with peer devices, people, and the cloud.  The devices may have individual functions, but overlapping uses and relationships.

Rather than develop the perfect single device, students will focus on the possibilities generated by networks of multiple, heterogeneous devices and the gestures, narratives, and transactions that may result.

Students will be encouraged to develop projects that are provocative, speculative, and exploratory in ways that expand thinking about what might be possible in a Wearable Ecologies world. The projects will aim to develop characteristics that, while future-oriented, may be generalizable toward practical, shorter term applications.

Faculty: Phil van Allen, Ben Hooker
Guest collaborator: Wendy March, Intel Research
Partner and sponsor: Intel Labs