2014-15_4 Seams and Superpowers

Seams and Super Powers focuses on the emerging ecosystem of wearables integrated with the Internet of Things. We’ll explore the moment-by-moment seams between connected bodies, things and clouds, and the special powers they create. As people move through physical and virtual environments, their bodies become supernaturally empowered as external and internal contexts change.

What are these super powers? How do they come and go and how do we become aware of them? How do we use our powers over nearby things — changing their behavior and using them as our remote eyes, ears and other senses? And as interaction designers, we’ll look specifically at affordances and how they transition in context, the role of scale and bodily proximity, and the relationships between screen, tangible, and haptic interactions.

Students will design and build prototypes that utilize a mix of working systems, wizard-of-ozing, and video simulations.

Faculty: Phil van Allen