2015-16_1 NewSpace: A Nation of Spacefarers

Southern California is host to a new era of space exploration—private exploration. The expression NASA uses to describe a shift made possible through new technologies, wealthy entrepreneurs, and regional expertise and history is:

“From a Spacefaring Nation to a Nation of Spacefarers”

What does that mean as a burgeoning industry shapes new communities, physical infrastructure, knowledge capital, labor force, and media (among others)—all often invisible to the publics located just outside the gates? It’s these tangible spaces, people, and places that we will explore, following our curiosity, looking for how this newly energized industry may impact the world around us and even possibly a world beyond our own.

This module will play host to a critical dialogue—through design—about media design and context. Students will learn how design can be used to foster relationships and articulate the world around us. Students will learn to follow their own interests as designers as well as their interest in the communities, people, and places that an industry impacts.

The module’s final deliverable will be a sequential narrative/visual essay/ document that communicates a design proposition. The proposition will serve as a demonstration of how you explored your interests—as a designer—through this topic, including design questions, a point of view, and evidence you collected along the way.

Faculty: Anne Burdick, Sean Donahue, Ben Hooker