2012-13 3_Supersense!

In a few years, billions of networked micro-sensors will be distributed throughout our environment—in paint, in clothing, on surfaces, in the air, perhaps even inside of us. Beyond the obvious question “what is worth sensing?” – perhaps an irrelevant question if we are to assume that everything will be sensed – how will an artificially sensitized world change the way we inhabit it? How does the act of sensing (and tracking) change us and what we do?

What are the compelling new narratives – the everyday rhythms, rituals, routines – of radically sensed people, objects, environments? What kinds of interfaces will we need to enable us to access additional sensory dimensions to familiar and unfamiliar places? How do we select what to sense; how do we focus our augmented perception? To what end? Ultimately we are seeking stories of compelling use and interaction which add to our understanding of the possibilities of a world in which micro-sensors are distributed widely.

Guest collaborator: Dr. Benjamin Judkewitz, Biophotonics Laboratory, CalTech