2016: GUNWORLDS, Maya Gurantz and Elizabeth Goodman

An excerpt from interview with an anti-gun proponent, whose sister is a gun advocate.

An excerpt from interview with an anti-gun proponent, whose sister is a gun advocate.


The debate over the proper place of guns in the United States enacts persistent American conflicts: over police violence, race and poverty, crime, and the role of law and the state. There are many worlds of the gun in America, and they are at war.

In Gunworlds, we interrogate the intractability of the gun debate by mapping the different worlds of the gun; interviewing people who represent those worlds (public health workers, veterans, rural gun owners and activists), and designing objects and interventions that reflect back the sometimes starkly different social realities which they inhabit.

Lead Researchers: Maya Gurantz, Elizabeth Goodman

Student Researchers: Jade Milan, Godiva Reisenbichler

Alumni Research Associate: Erika Katrina Barbosa

Selected by 2016 jury: Rosten Woo, Rhazes Spell, Natalie Jeremijenko, Tim Durfee

Maya Gurantz is An artist in video, performance, installation and community-generated projects, Maya Gurantz uses these diverse media to interrogate the social imaginaries of American culture, and how constructions of gender, race, class and progress operate in our shared myths, public rituals and private desires.  http://mayagurantz.com

Elizabeth Goodman investigates the possibilities and perils of emerging technologies in her design, research, and writing. Her PhD from UC Berkeley’s School of Information focused on human-computer interaction and design practice for novel technologies, and was supported by National Science Foundation and Intel fellowships. In 2013 she authored the second edition of Observing the User Experience (Morgan Kaufman), a widely-used handbook of design research methods.  http://www.confectious.net/