2017: IF I COULD SEE WHAT YOU SEE, Richard Wheeler


Summer Research Resident


Richard Wheeler’s research project, If I Could See What You See, sets the groundwork for building a map of defense contractors who provide surveillance training to the United States federal government. A U.S. Armed Forces veteran with over a decade of experience in aerial imagery and surveillance, Wheeler aims to educate civilians in the complex infrastructure of military surveillance. The research includes two major components: first, Wheeler’s team will distribute and visualize data regarding defense contractors, making it easier for people to access. Second, they will design a public workshop that will unveil the usually hidden tacit knowledge of the surveillance community.

MDP Student Researchers: Tiffany Henschel, Jason Wong, Godiva Reisenbichler


Richard Wheeler is an artist, designer, and technologist. He has written on technology, security, and privacy for “The Daily Beast” and “Wired.” And as a consultant he is a product adviser for early-stage investment technology companies, work ranges in scope from strategic guidance to founders and C-level management, to operational guidance on specific product development efforts, to hands-on development. He previously worked as a consultant to the Department of Defense and as an analyst with the United States Army. Prior to his work in defense Wheeler worked for over a decade in design, working in museums, publishing, and finally as a fashion designer for companies such as Ann Taylor and Calvin Klein. Wheeler holds an M.F.A. in Design Media Arts from UCLA, an M.A. in Security Studies from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, and a B.A. in Fine Art and History from Hunter College, CUNY. Surprisingly, he is not 80 years old. http://richardwheeler.com