2011: MICRO MEGA META, Anne Burdick

Faculty Research

Micro Mega Meta is a design-driven inquiry into the future of humanities research and scholarly production. Through the creation of speculative environments and interfaces, the project aims to provide an alternative to the information environments envisioned through popular media and corporate promotions that tend to emphasize military, scientific, and business applications.

The summer was spent defining the area of inquiry and doing initial research and design sketches. The team created a five-year forecast for the Digital Humanities and a draft of Part 1 of a 3-part design fiction pecha-kucha co-written with Janet Sarbanes. The pecha kucha has been performed at USC, UCSC, and the Walker Art Center.

Student Research Assistants: Brooklyn Brown, Matt Manos, Bora Shin, Jayne Vidheecharoen

Anne Burdick is Chair of Media Design Practices and co-author of Digital_Humanities (MIT Press, 2012).