2012: UNDER BLACK CARPETS, Ilona Gaynor

Summer Research Resident

Under Black Carpets is an investigation into the use and misuse of the cityscape where by architecture is considered both the obstacle and the tool to bridge or separate you from what you’re looking for.

This project is an early study, and is part of an ongoing larger project currently under development. Under Black Carpets presents a meticulous deconstruction of several bank heists simultaneously occurring in downtown Los Angeles, focusing specifically on 5 different banks that center One Wilshire. The work presents itself as site-specific forensic study, a spatial tool accompanied by a kit of parts, presented as a dense numerical index. Each artifact is individually numbered and assumes the role of the protagonist in a collection that details their own whereabouts on a grid of vertical and horizontal geographical coordinates. The viewer is invited to examine and cross-reference this collection, allowing ones own constructed interpretation of the event as it unfolds from multiple, distorted perspectives.

The suggestive narrative is flawed, over compensated, lacking in distinguishable truth and linearity. It is purposefully curated with the intention to be seem fragmented, confusing and overly complex, much like that of a police investigation. The answer is still cloudy and unclear, but with hope for resolution.

Student Research Assistants: Jeremy Eichenbaum, Jisu Choi, Sarah Needham, William Frohm

CFP: Public Display; Jury: Molly Wright Steenson, Ken Wark, Rosten Woo, Tim Durfee

Ilona Gaynor is the Ridley Scott Artist-in-Residence and a designer based in London.